7-11 August ~ Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Artists, advocates and scientists: all are seeking ways of understanding and communicating about the world around them. Together they can reveal environmental issues in ways that grabs people’s hearts as well as their minds. We are honoured that eminent local sculptor Roger Hardy has created works on Aldeburgh beach and at Aldeburgh Beach Lookout in collaboration with Siren.

‘Tide & Time’ ~ Sculptor Roger Hardy examines his relationship with the environment and the health of our seas with an installation on Aldeburgh beach.

‘Lookout’ ~ Located in the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout tower, 'Lookout’ is an immersive sculpture, poetry and sound installation, a collaboration between artist Roger Hardy and poet Rhett Griffiths.

With thanks to East Suffolk District Council for allowing us to bring this installation to Aldeburgh beach and to Caroline Wiseman for use of the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout during the festival.