Caroline Riggs

PGCE (Physics), PGCE (Biology), school teacher and granddaughter of a lighthouse keeper!

Caroline will demonstrate ocean science every day at Siren Festival

Caroline completed a BSc (Hons) in Human Psychology with professional training (Aston University), before going on to complete a PGCE with QTS (University of Brighton) for teaching Biology. A year into teaching she completed a PGCE in Physics (University of Sussex) and has been teaching in secondary schools with a dual specialism for the last ten years. 

Caroline's passion for the Oceans is genetic. Her grandfather was a lighthouse keeper so her mum spent many happy years growing up on a lighthouse in Devon with the sea (actually) on her doorstep. Since she started teaching Science in secondary schools her lessons have always focused on giving students a context for their learning, by talking about the environmental issues facing our planet and encouraging pupils to be pro-active in making a change. She was part of the team selected by the Royal Society of Science to represent the United Kingdom at the European Festival: Science on Stage in 2015, sharing Science teaching projects with teachers from 33 countries. Following her work on teaching Physics at GCSE she will now repeat this honor in October at the next Science on Stage in Portugal (published in the ASE). )

She started working with Brighton Science Festival in 2009, giving talks and running events for families to learn about Science together and joined Russell to do the same for the School-zone at Whalefest. She has since worked with Incredible Oceans to bring the Physics of the Ocean to the general public at Liverpool International Music Festival, the Museum Late events at the Booth Museum in Brighton and filmed three science videos for Fuse School. 

Caroline is determined that everyone can find a part of Science that they love so is quite literally spreading the word through Science outreach and a book written with Emily Ralls.