Film Competition 2020

SIREN FILM COMPETITION – A Film for the Leap Year

We are looking for entries for short films to be screened at next year’s SIREN FESTIVAL

Do you have a burning environmental concern? 

Do you care about the amount of plastic washed in to the sea every day?

Is your community in danger of going under water?

Do you have a favourite poem about the sea or conservation? 

What would you put in a message in a bottle to the world?

We are looking for short films about climate change, coastal erosion, plastic and acoustic pollution which pack an emotional punch from 1 – 20 minutes long. You can be a beginner or a professional film-maker. You can be three or one hundred and three. It can be part of your Geography or Media syllabus at school or University or a project you make in your spare time.

You can make a documentary, an animation, a drama, a poetry video or a campaign one.

There will be workshops at the summits, led by Vanessa Raison to discuss your film ideas and film language and provide tips on how to research, plan, write the script and make a storyboard and shot list. 


Age range
The competition is open to professionals and amateurs aged 4-15 and 26 and over (The Aldeburgh Cinema is running a competition for 16-25 year olds).

Your film
Your film must be about coastal erosion, acoustic pollution, plastic waste and we are interested in stories from Suffolk in particular. It must be at least one minute in length and a maximum of twenty-five minutes.
The form can be a drama, documentary, animation, poetry video or campaign film.
The film must not have any inappropriate language, imagery or content such as violence, racism, pornography or personal attacks on people or organisations and the organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry on the basis of its content.
Music and soundtracks must be copyright free.
If the subject or content of a film includes children under the age of 18, the filmmaker may be asked to provide a written release from the parent or legal guardian of the minor.

Copyright and permissions
You must own all rights to your film to enter the contest. Please confirm this in your email.
By entering, you give SIREN the right to use the video on their website and to share it as appropriate via other social media.
The films will not in any way be sold or exchanged for services or goods.
The name of the filmmakers and copyright will always be associated with their films.

The jury will be drawn together by the event organisers and they will meet after July 31st The films will be judged according to the following criteria. 

Quality of the production

    • Cinematography
    • Editing
    • Music, audio and sound effects

Originality and creativity

    • Does the film use imaginative and creative ways to convey the theme?
    • Does the film display innovative ideas or techniques to convey its theme?


    • To what extent does this film stimulate thoughts and ideas?
    • Does the film provoke a powerful emotional response?

The quality of the video must be no more than 1080 p HD. The size of the video must be no more than 400 MB.
You will need to send the film itself in MP4 format via WeTransfer to the email address

You MUST include:

*Your Name (required)

*Your Email (required)


*Your Film Title

*confirmation that you own all the rights to your film

The deadline for entry is midnight on July 31st 2020.