Jon Warnes

Jon is running free workshops working in wood and willow

Watch out for him at Making Space for Siren on 31 July

Jon began working in wood as a coppice worker and progressed through to making traditional greenwood crafts, and later teaching them. He has worked extensively with willow, both in the UK and abroad, and is the author of Living Willow Sculpture (2000). He divides his time now between wood-turning and furniture making, with occasional diversions into wooden automata making.

He is a wood and willow craftsman. He makes wooden furniture, spoons, utensils and a range of turned bowls from locally sourced wood such as Ash and Cherry. He carves wooden spoons for eating and serving and make a range of automata. He makes containers and boxes from small lidded pots finely turned in laburnum to large walnut vessels where what might be viewed as defects heI regards as character. He also make stools, chairs and benches and, when time is available, paints. His website is here

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