Kate Osborne

​Kate's 'Beach Bonkers' will be in the “Take Action” section of the Siren Festival

On Friday 9th August from 11.00am to 1.00pm there will be a mini beach full of treasures to explore.

And a chance to identify shark, skate and ray egg cases, as well as some more unusual beachcombed treasures to handle and a giant beachcombing board game. 

Everyone loves a good stomp along the beach but have you ever slowed down and looked at the stones underneath your feet? The stones and the gaps within them are full of treasures!

Kate Osborne set up Beach Bonkers to inspire people about Suffolk’s shingle beaches. We tend to take them for granted but stone beaches with plants (or vegetated shingle habitat as it is known) is actually only found in three places in the world. The plants that live on these beaches adapt to the desert-like conditions with huge, fleshy roots, sunlight reflecting hairs and muted colours.

The stones may reveal the remains of an 80 million year old fossil sea sponge, fossil sharks’ teeth, egg cases of cannibals, “mermaid’s purses”, quartz and carnelian stones to name just a few.

To learn more about guided beach-combs with Beach Bonkersor call Kate on 0751 255 7200.