Museum of Beyond

In The Museum of Beyond, artist and curator Fran Crowe imagines a future beyond oil

It's a life without plastics, discover it for yourself on Moot Green

The Museum of Beyond imagines a future beyond oil... It's a life without plastics, and yet plastic fragments of our Oil Age lives continue to wash up on the shores of our oceans. The museum sees the present through future eyes, imagining what future generations might make of these plastic objects - and what they will perhaps think about us.

Explore our collections, contribute, enjoy... and let’s spread the word about reducing our fossil fuel use, cutting back our use of plastics (especially single use items like bottles, cups and tampon applicators), and disposing of what we use more thoughtfully. And let's not forget to lobby government and corporations for change too - we can't do everything ourselves!

Most of all, let's hope that by thinking about the way we live now, we can begin to imagine how we might create a better future for all life on our planet. Museum website and Fran's website.