Rhett Griffiths

Writer and poet, coach and happiness designer.

Hear his poem 'Lookout' in the immersive sculpture, poetry and sound installation in the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout tower

Located in the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout tower, 'Lookout’ is an immersive sculpture, poetry and sound installation, a collaboration between artist Roger Hardy and poet Rhett Griffiths. It emerged from a conversation whilst staring at the sea, reflecting on what kind of future could await us, and how to catalyse people to embrace the need for urgent change.

'Lookout' is a creative response to dying oceans, marine life extinctions, and the imminent ecological disaster facing human populations. The work dares to look into the future, and is a wake-up call that this is "the tipping tide", that "hope is now or never", and that together we can resist catastrophe, and fight for the health and happiness of future generations.

Rhett is a Lancastrian and Londoner, now living and working in Aldeburgh, drawn back every year for almost 30 years, by music and the sea. He is originally a 'Social & Political Sciences' graduate from Cambridge University (Queens' College 1990) and more recently in 2010 completed an MA in 'Information Environments' (Interdisciplinary Experience Design & Research) at University of the Arts London. 

A long-time escaped investment banker and failed screenwriter, Rhett is now a writer and poet, coach and happiness designer. In previous lives he has been a mouse, Frida Kahlo's cat, and cobbler to Thomas Paine.

Collaborative work includes:

  • Cheltenham Music Festival - Collaboration with composer Huw Watkins, whose piano piece 'The Four Inventions' was a response to his poem 'The Sibling Solution'.
  • November New Music Festival (Den Bosch, Netherlands) - Libretto for vocal piece 'Drowning', with music by composer Giel Vleggaar.
  • Experience Designer for 'Hubbub' at the Wellcome Trust (2014-16), an interdisciplinary research project investigating 'Rest and its Opposites' via mental health, the neurosciences, the arts and the everyday.

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