Roger Hardy

With ‘Tide & Time’ sculptor Roger Hardy examines his relationship with the environment and the health of our seas

An installation in collaboration with Siren Festival on the beach by Aldeburgh Beach Lookout

Hardy, a former graphic designer who relocated back to Suffolk in 2000, has created an installation for the Festival which examines society’s increasingly dissonant relationship with the natural world. This work will reflect his fondness for figurative constructions using locally found estuary and sea worn wood. It will sit directly on Aldeburgh beach by the South Lookout Tower and face the rolling waves of the North Sea.

Hardy’s work has a timeless quality that evokes an immediate and emotional response that challenges us to reflect on our impact and connection with nature. His exquisitely carved, gnarled and ethereal figures alert us to the decaying material which is needlessly discarded but holds an echo of our own human fragility. The piece includes reclaimed and donated wood from local building suppliers Jewsons.

Explaining the work, the Suffolk born artist said.. ‘For a number of years not only has the River Alde and the sea at Aldeburgh been a backdrop and inspiration to my work, but more importantly the source of providing the materials used in my sculptures. Elements are revealed at low tide or washed up on the next high tide. Although the wood I find has mostly been worked by man, nature has reclaimed it and shaped it over time. I am saving it and giving it back life and soul in the form of the human figure. Revealing the layers of history and life it once had’

“Roger’s installation speaks to Siren’s aspirations with more eloquence, power and emotion than we had ever imagined possible: to help people explore their relationship to the sea, their relationship to each other, and how when we affect the ocean it in turn affects us.” Ian Rowlands, Siren Festival.

This considered and honest work, meticulously constructed from reclaimed wood, will inspire and stir its audience as they journey towards the installation. It will offer them a chance to reconnect with their environment and the environmental issues that face us all.

photo: Amedeo Castellani

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