Siren Calling ~ 29th February-1st March 2020: what will YOU do with your 'extra' day?

Siren Calling on 29th Feb-1st March, will follow up Siren Festival to help our young people find their own ‘siren’ voice, to speak clearly about their future.

Siren Calling

On the 2020 leap year we have a ‘proposal’: be part of an Aldeburgh gathering for young people on our coast who will inherit some of the big issues of our time.

Young people on our coast will inherit big issues, such as ocean plastics, changing climate and rising seas; through Siren Calling we want to help them find their own ‘siren’ voice, to speak clearly about their future.

  • Changing climate
  • Coastal erosion
  • Plastic pollution
  • Homes, jobs and the living planet

On this Leap Year we invite local professionals to use this bonus day to run workshops to help young people find their self-confidence, together with skills on public presenting, organising, film-making, event planning, music-making and more. It will be a gathering with music, movies and more looking at environment, culture, youth and the future.

Workshops will be either actual or virtual or a combination of both, and if desired, we will develop a gathering/conference for our young people, aiming to help them to formulate their vision for the future of the coastal and marine environment and the communities it supports. Our vision is that future Siren Festivals will be organised by, and with the support of, our young people.

Leap Year is traditionally the time for unique proposals; this is ours.