Dive Under the Water

Free livestream all about local sea and water life: 12.00pm Sat 25 September

Stour seagrass, seahorses, sea squirts and Sargasso Sea eels ...

We kick off with an hour and a half of interactive facts, chats, costume and nonsense about Stour and Suffolk watery things. Yeah sure, it's ecology, environment, science and species-saving but it's for those who prefer to learn about their local wildlife with a healthy dose of madly-creative - and madly-made - videos brought to you by local young creators. We're talking wild things, but there'll be games, polls, quizzes and discussion (including 'Ask the Experts' in 'Geek Corner') where you get to be a part of the broadcast.

And you''ll discover that we have some eco-surprises on our doorstep: learn about our bizarre invasive species from around the world, marvel at Eel migration patterns, and discover the effects of climate change on our local Seagrass meadows (and our very own seahorses). 

#NatureOfTheBeast #SirenDigital

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