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Ian rowlands 17

Ian Rowlands believes that communication is key, and is a former Guardian journalist who is passionate about working with those who are tackling, or will have to deal with, the great environmental challenges of our time, whether it be scientists, activists or young people.  

He worked in the environmental NGO sector for many years, but made his mark creating a number of influential large-scale public ocean festivals. Working with the creative community, arts performers, activists and BBC, and leading a team of 900 volunteers, together they reached a diverse audience of over 35,000 people about vital environmental issues.

He also leads on youth projects; helping 16-25 year olds run workshops, events and broadcasts, about ecology, sustainability, optimism, Nature and mental health, which have gathered large online audiences using science, art, video and performance.

Emily may armstrong 3

Dr Emily May Armstrong is a UK-based plant biologist, science communicator, and inclusivity specialist. Emily’s career spans multiple intersections, allowing Emily to provide an expert voice in genetics plant biology & philosophy, disability & inclusion, science communication, and art:science intersections. Emily takes an immersive and  interdisciplinary approach to creative scientific storytelling: blending traditional lectures with videography, group discussion, and hands-on activities - weaving together scientific, artistic, and philosophical stories. 

She holds a PhD (2021) and MSc(Res) (2018) in Plant Molecular Epigenetics from the University of Glasgow, and a first class BSc(Hons) (2015) in Genetics from the University of Essex. 

Russell arnott 6

Dr Russell Arnott is a marine biologist, oceanographer, award-winning communicator and YouTuber, Russell is a director of Incredible Oceans; an environment communication agency that helps others communicate better about the ocean, climate and environment to foster behaviour change in audiences.

He is a science communicator and TV presenter, represented by David Foster Management. He regularly performs at Cheltenham Science Festival, regional STEMFests, Big Bang Fairs, Elderflower Fields Festival, and The Science Show-Off. As a specialist with media experience he has worked with Sky News, Channel 5 Saturday Show.

He has a PhD from University of Bath on the application of marine physics to biological systems, he holds a combined-Masters in Oceanography at the University of Southampton, and completed PGCE in Secondary Science (Physics) at University of Sussex working as Head of Physics at a secondary sixth-form in London.

Xenia dautzenberg 17

Xenia Dautzenberg leads on our projects with young people and, in addition, brings an acute creative sensibility to all our training workshops.

With a bachelor of arts in Creative Filmmaking from Screenology, Bristol, she helps trainees to develop, film and edit video projects.

Based equally in Suffolk and Berlin, her skillset also encompasses photography, camera work, documentary production and digital drawing. Her creative portfolio can be found here

Josh barker 17Joshbarkerfilm logo

Josh Barker is our specialist for live broadcasts and digital streaming. He brings together a masterful command of process, a full complement of the technical equipment needed, as well as being adept at putting people at their ease and working with diverse teams on diverse projects. 

A Brighton based creative, he is used to working with live presenters, live videos, recorded videos, podcasts, digital and face-to-face studio settings.

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