We have been commissioned to partner with many leading academic institutions, scientists and government agencies

to train and mentor staff and individuals to deliver effective environmental communication

“Environmental scientists and specialists hold critical information for our future, so why aren’t decision-makers, the press and the public listening?”

We hear this all the time from our clients, and believe that it's the vital issue of our times. Our community has tried the same techniques for over 40 years ... perhaps it's time to learn how speak the language of our audiences.

Much public engagement training focuses on voice projection, self-confidence, lack of jargon etc. We certainly cover these. However, we believe that the major factor in successful communication and behaviour change is to focus on the Values of the audiences you are communicating with.

The training we offer works with the sciences of mind and brain, psychology and neuroscience, language and creativity to appeal to the Values, beliefs and motivators that influence people’s decision-making, using tools such as Cultural Dynamics. With Values at the core of our work, our training uses social science, humour, and hands-on techniques and activities to create direct applications of this learning:

  • Press and media interviews
  • Video creation
  • Elevator pitches
  • Strong science stories

Why do this? 
Improve your presentations and articles
Communicate with funders and decision-makers
Deal with the press and other media
Reach new audiences
In short, to gain the skills that help you and your work to be recognised and acted upon.

Why work with us?
We get asked back by key organisations and institutions to deliver our training each year, and can help your staff, students and teams to make real progress, to build confidence, to create videos, to present to camera, to write articles, to do whatever you consider critical. We can handle the whole process if you wish. Are very experienced with digital and face-to-face. Can run livestreams and public events. Can connect you with events and festivals. And we have worked on projects with budgets from £500-£250,000.


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