A source of unnatural fascination but sounding a warning, Sirens have been with us for thousands of years, yet never have we had more reason to pay heed

Siren brings together creative people, artists, scientists, environmental advocates, performers and mentors to help skill young people in Suffolk through workshops and training programmes, with outputs and public outreach at an annual landmark arts and environment festival

Climate, nature and youth are sounding an alarm we can’t ignore: the loss of a diverse and abundant natural world; future prospects for young people; species extinction; all are affecting our lives and time is running out. Few of us like being told to give up something or change behaviours, yet these issues are threatening what we all cherish.

Siren is a rapidly-growing, community of people who are creating a platform for those who believe that Suffolk, a county where people face rising sea levels on the fastest eroding coast in Europe, can be a showcase for the UK and beyond, showing how young people can share ideas and learn skills to change the future for the better. 

By matching art and science, expression, entertainment and truth, the projects and initiatives we create can appeal to heads as well as hearts, attract new, broad audiences to the issues, and enable our communities to develop positive solutions.

We work together to:

  • Reach people of different backgrounds, values and generations
  • Combine science and the arts to create a language that impresses both head and heart
  • Restore a stronger connection with the natural world 
  • Give our communities the confidence to respond positively 
  • Create a platform to share knowledge, skills and passion with young people
  • Give them the tools and confidence to make positive and tangible change
  • Highlight the positive changes we wish to see from government and corporate organisations
  • Inspire, inform and enable discussions about the way we can each choose to live our lives

We aim to help young people, feeling anxious about their future, to find their voice. By bringing together creative people, scientists, environmental advocates, performers, trainers and mentors we share transferrable life skills that can help young people around self-confidence, film-making, public-speaking, event organising, photography, local democracy and more. The projects created will be showcased at our annual landmark arts and environment festival for our region.

Siren is a platform for all people, all organisations, all who wish to celebrate our world, sound an alarm and inspire change.