Testimonials and feedback

From recent clients and participants

"Thank you so much for an awesome event last week – the feedback from the team and students alike is that it was a resounding success." 
Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme, Cambridge University 

"It pushed me to find parts of plant science i never considered before" 

"I loved learning about communicating science stories"

"The Values training, the recommendations of books/links, there was so much I gained from the workshops"
GPSEP participants

"I think you challenged our perceptions of how we can communicate with other people outside of the scientific sphere. We have much better understanding that communicating what we know needs to be done in a way that is relatable to the public without too much jargon."
Prosea & Wageningen Marine Institute

“I was really interested in the Values" 

"I hadn't considered that there were groupings with different values, and that by addressing them all, it would engage more people. It seems really obvious with hindsight, but something that I hadn't previously considered."
Prosea & Wageningen Marine Institute participants 

"The three types of audience values and how to create your content to resonate with people with different values. I have done a number of communication courses before, so was worried I wouldn't get anything new out of this course, so I appreciated that it was different from the other courses I have previously attended and gave me new things to think about."
NCCPE - NERC Researcher Academy

"We appreciated that your team were friendly, well-spoken and organised with activities - and that the engagement with the groups was very strong

"Thinking about the different audiences (or a combination of them) you're trying to address and how to do that more effectively - this was new to me"

"You really kept the level of engagement high, I didn't feel bored or disconnected at any point."
DEFRA participants

"The session was generally great fun and very engaging"

"It was very dynamic and interactive - I really enjoyed how hands on it was"

"A really good balance of presentations and practical activities"

"You worked us so well with the creation of the hands-on videos"
National Oceanography Centre participants