sustainable fashion

Is sustainable fashion affordable? Featuring music from Jordanne Leigh.

6.00pm Sat 27th

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Around half a million tonnes of microfibres are dumped in the ocean each year -  the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. 

While fashion icons and high profile designers have taken steps to embrace upcycling, recycled materials, natural fibres and sustainable production, the global juggernaut of fast fashion has meant 87% of people are unwilling to pay more for clothes.

This free Zoom session featured Ruth Lea who runs Bluebell Lane sustainable-jewellery in Suffolk, Robert Castellani of local clothing company Kachina, sustainability enthusiast Faye Alexander, Kasha Fowler Crampton senior concept designer working with Adidas by Stella McCartney, and new entrepreneur Phoeb Baddley of PHOEBSUK, as we explored the true cost of fashion on the environment and the solutions which the industry is exploring, along with beautiful music from Jordanne Leigh

Abi kidd
Session host: Abi Kidd

Jordanne leigh

Jordanne Leigh
Jordanne is a writer, creator, and rather reluctant social media influencer. She has an Associates Degree in the Arts, but more importantly she made and shared content (video essays, satirical movie summaries, blogs, vlogs, shorts, commentary, covers) every day until she’d built a following. Networking, getting to know people who really care about the same things, is vital to both a platform worth having and a life worth living. She absolutely does not have her life figured out yet, but she embraces the chaos of opportunity. Thank you for reading. 

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Faye alexander 3

Faye Alexander
I’ve always been passionate about nature, having grown up spending all my time outdoors. However, I became more environmentally aware having studied geography at GSCE and A Level, evoking a strong understanding of the relationships between humans and the environment. This passion has changed my lifestyle, including shopping second hand, attending climate strikes and changing to a vegan diet. I have also volunteered with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, teaching young children the importance of environmental conservation. I truly believe that education of the new generations is the most effective way of creating a more sustainable world. I am now a Bsc Geography student, studying at the University of Sussex and although I have practically just begun my educational journey, I know that by encouraging others to be more mindful in many of their daily habits, we can rediscover our connection with nature and conserve its natural beauty. 

Phoeb baddley

Phoeb Baddley
I’m Phoeb and I’ve always been interested in the environment since a very young age and well the time has come to do my part! Make a change!  I started a company called PHOEBSUK 3 weeks ago and it’s going well getting a few sales each week which is great! A percentage of our profit goes towards the biorescue project which is made by a group of scientists to stop the northern white rhinos from going into extinctions as their is only two left  so I feel quite privileged you know to do my part in that and hope to see the species increase in population! And my mates like to call me “the girl on a mission to save  a species”. Our packaging is 100% eco friendly as we want to do our part in making this place a much greener one as possible! So just making the slightest change can have a huge impact on the environment so using eco friendly packaging instead of the normal packaging it won’t go to landfill or end up in the ocean killing marine species like the sea turtles or seals. As we grow as a brand we want to help other organizations/ certain individuals in the future! 

Robert castellani 3

Robert Castellani
My name is Robert Castellani and I run Kachina, an organic surf-inspired clothing brand which we founded in 2017. After spending 15 years working in the music industry, I switched my attention to clothing as another creative outlet but that soon turned in to a full-time business. Our pursuit of high-quality organic garments led to hundreds of hours of research and tracing of our products as well as finding the most effective and efficient ways of running our business model. As a result, we set up our own print shop, Eco Tee Prints, where we have full control over the creation of Kachina merchandise. The print service is also open to others wishing to kick start their own fashion brand or decorate their own garments using water-based ink print processes"
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Ruth lea

Ruth Lea - Bluebell Jewellery
I’m Ruth and I run a sustainable jewellery brand called Bluebell Lane Jewellery, where I use Recycled Sterling Silver to create eco-friendly pieces. I also offer a bespoke service where I work with customers to design and make unique pieces of jewellery for them. I come from a Fine Art background, and have always loved making things. I didn’t necessarily know that I wanted to be a silversmith, but knew that I wanted to work with my hands, and that I wanted to work for myself. I first got in to jewellery making about 5 years ago, and taught myself to be a silversmith through books and YouTube tutorials. I gradually grew my skill set in the evenings and weekends around various other employments, before launching Bluebell Lane in 2018, and taking it on full time in March 2020. Although I often wish I’d had more formal training, I think if you’ve got determination and a passion for your subject, you will find the ways to teach yourself and make it happen!

Kasha fowler crampton

Kasha Fowler Crampton
Kasha Fowler Crampton is a designer from Hastings with a special interest in making fashion that doesn’t harm people or the planet. She has 13 years experience of working in the fashion industry and currently works for Adidas designing the sustainable sportswear collaboration Adidas by Stella McCartney.