Johnny Cypher

Rapper and activist

6.00pm Friday 26th Feb

I am a Rapper and events manager in Glasgow. Performing for over 8 years and running all kinds of events from live gigs to political meetings and gatherings. I won a climate challenge award in 2019 for workshops provided in summer schools teaching kids about climate change and how to express themselves through hip hop and poetry. I have educated in recovery centres, young offenders institutes, a host of community centres and residential homes to all ages and skill levels. 

Climate change was my gateway issue. It led me into activism and music and I feel it is the single most pressing issue of our generation and, crucially, in which the solutions contain the most hope. 

I am currently using lockdown to study my HND in music and community development and one day hope to travel the world using teaching and using hip hop as a vehicle to discuss and encourage social change.