'Lookout' 2019

Located in the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout tower, 'Lookout’ was an immersive sculpture, poetry and sound installation, a collaboration between artist Roger Hardy and poet Rhett Griffiths.

'Lookout' was a creative response to dying oceans, marine life extinctions, and the imminent ecological disaster facing human populations. The work dared to look into the future, and is a wake-up call that this is "the tipping tide", that "hope is now or never", and that together we can resist catastrophe, and fight for the health and happiness of future generations.

'Lookout' was received with great emotion and achieved significant impact during its residency at Aldeburgh Beach Lookout tower: many people added their own 'postcards to the ocean' in response, containing powerful testimonies, emotional pleas and hopes for the future. 

The installation emerged from a conversation whilst staring at the sea, reflecting on what kind of future could await us, and how to catalyse people to embrace the need for urgent change.

Artist Roger Hardy comments: "For 'Lookout' I made a life-size white figure that is gazing out to sea. Contemplating the past, present and future of our oceans. The figure was scaled up from one of the Siren figures sheltering in the ‘Hut’ which is part of ‘Tide & Time’. Creating a level of empathy and connection to the viewer on a direct level."

Poet Rhett Griffiths comments: "This poem and installation is a response to the biggest issue of our generation, and to the evocative figures of artist Roger Hardy. I drew inspiration from the recent ripples of resistance, especially of young people like Greta Thunberg, whose heroic and articulate activism feels like part of a wave that's building some momentum. I approached this piece not from the place of an activist or experienced campaigner, but as an ordinary human, who like many, has plenty of environmentally unfriendly habits, but who can see the tsunami heading our way, and is totally willing to change, given the right provocation and help. With 'Lookout', I hope it can plant some seeds, where people experience moments where change seems possible, personal tipping points. I'm also interested to stretch the boundaries of what a poem can be and do.”

We are grateful to Caroline Wiseman for the use of Aldeburgh Beach Lookout for this installation.

Photo of Roger Hardy courtesy of Amedeo Castellani https://amedeocastellani.com