If you have important information to convey then you need media training.

we can help.

If you want to share your discoveries, your science, your views, or represent your organisation or team, then there are strong ways to be best prepared with your message. Think you don't need media training? Think again, because in world where the public, and journalist's, need for 24-hour news provision is our everyday reality, then it's best to be prepared. It may be through mainstream news journalists, specialist outlets, podcasters, vloggers, YouTubers, conference film crews or other media outlets; but there are any number of ways that a microphone can be put in front of you, expectedly or unexpectedly, asking you for your views.

As a former Guardian journalist, and then as a spokesperson for environmental organisations, Ian Rowlands - one of our directors - believes that with press and media, good communication techniques are the key to helping to keep on top of what messages you want to put out. Our training covers:

Crafting good press stories

Keeping a journalist interested

Staying on topic

Bridging techniques

Being misquoted 

Negative language

The 5 key elements of a news story

.. and more. 

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