7-9 August - Siren Festival

ALDEBURGH JUBILEE HALL Wed 7 - Fri 9 Aug 11.00am - 5.00pm Free entry

Take a deep breath ... Ocean science meets performance, music and art to explore our relationship with the sea. Filled with activities, you can wander into the mysteries of the deep amidst life-sized marine creatures, bones, baleen and whale song.

Artefacts ~ Science ~ Experiments ~ Whales ~ Seals ~ Turtles ~ Bioluminescence ~ Acoustics ~ Jellyfish ~ Octopus ~ Deep sea specimens ~ Creature Features ~ Ocean Plastics ~ Climate 

Jubilee Hall is transformed into an experiential sea zone, with replica marine creatures, experts and artefacts, and hands-on science and experiments about our oceans. On stage, amidst the replica creatures and with a big projection screen, there will be regular short appearances from actors, activists, organisations and presenters; all exploring our relationship with the sea and our environment. It’s an awesome backdrop to some dazzling sea-inspired pop up performance and our daily timetable will let you know what to expect and when.

In the covered courtyard, expect a programme of children’s activities, opportunities to meet with the on-stage performers, plus a zone where you can talk to local organisations who share ways you can take action and get involved.

And finally … ‘Shark Friday!’ Feel no fear but instead learn to love them, as on Friday we focus on endangered but fascinating sharks. It’s time to get ecstatic about elasmobranchs.

Our new, free environment festival uses science, art, performance and music to draw a new audience of all ages to champion oceans and our coast. The name plays with the lure of siren mermaids, sea creatures and the sea, but there’s also a warning and Siren alerts us to how we are affecting the natural world and how it will affect us.

Each day the festival will raise funds for local causes - RNLI, Alde & Ore Estuary Trust and Aldeburgh Cinema - and showcase how people can make a difference.

Join us at Aldeburgh Jubilee Hall