Festival 2020

Heading into winter and helping 16-25+ year olds find their voice and re-imagine the future ... turning “so what?” into “what if?”

November 2020 ~ charismatic hosts in locations across East Suffolk, anchoring digital broadcasts featuring musicians, videos, comedy, environment and nature

COVID-19 has sure shaken the world up, but that's what Siren is all about: how do young people in Suffolk deal with the future when it seems so uncertain.

After our February Siren Springboard event, funding opportunities came to a halt and so did Siren. However, with some modest grant funding secured, Siren Festival 2020 promises to be amazing, different and unique. We are working on it right now and aim to go live in November.

2 East Suffolk Livestreams of content, performance and music by and for young people about the environment they want to live in

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On two dates across November we will broadcast from East Suffolk and the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There will be a mixture of socially-distanced live-streaming - music, bands, interviews, performance, comedy and crazy activities - and pre-recorded short films made by local young people that explore local environment, sustainability, art, science and life.

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  • Eye-catching experiences
  • “Celebrity” guests
  • Participation in content
  • Music and performance
  • Comedy
  • Local environmental issues
  • Global environmental issues
  • Community 
  • Nature and landscapes
  • New arts mediums
  • Conservation optimism

We will be talking local food and how we want to live: exploring, sharing, learning, laughing ... and cooking.
We will be out in nature exploring what it means to us: what we have, how we can enjoy it, what we need to do.
We will be meeting movers, shakers and people that make cool stuff happen!

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Along the way young people can learn and get:

  • Transferrable life skills
  • Careers exposure
  • Participation in projects
  • Community involvement
  • Extra curricular learning
  • Interesting personal projects
  • Empowered and activated

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. . . it's going to be surprising, entertaining and utterly unique! We will be back at you soon with more details.

We are for 16-25+ year-olds so venues, youth groups, secondary schools, other festivals, young musicians … contact us if you want to be involved.