Siren is a platform for all people, all organisations, all who share the aim of supporting our young people in a changing planet

What we are facing on the Suffolk coast is what communities worldwide are facing - how we respond to it here is an example to others

We reach a broad and inclusive audience who cherish their local communities, their natural environment, and look to all of our futures.

It is in your gift to help through donation or sponsorship. Please support Siren financially in one of two ways:

1. Support our young people's workshops 
To help many more of them find their voice, their Siren voice, we aim to develop a programme of workshops to equip young people with skills: public speaking, self confidence, presenting and event organising, composing and film-making, dealing with the media, influencing politicians and other decision-makers, how to be the voice for their own future.

2. Support our digital and physical festival 
Siren brings together creative people, artists, scientists, environmental advocates, performers and mentors to help skill young people in Suffolk with the outputs being showcased at the annual landmark arts and environment festival. The Siren Festival, staged in Aldeburgh for the first time in 2019, aims to become an internationally-renowned event that will reverberate around East Anglia, the UK and far beyond.

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All donations will be administered by Siren's not-for-profit mentor and partner Incredible Oceans with every penny going to Siren's events, workshops and landmark festival.